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The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Lost Depths Gameplay Trailer Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The next chapter in the Legacy of the Bretons storyline in The Elder Scrolls Online is almost here, and ZeniMax has dropped a gameplay trailer showing off some of the gameplay. The Lost Depths is coming on August 22nd to PC, Mac, and Stadia.

The two-minute gameplay trailer gives players a look at the new dungeons launching with Lost Depths, which picks up the year-long narrative being told in The Elder Scrolls Online. The two new dungeons: the Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep take players under the earth and sea as they explore the lore and history of the Systres Archipelago and try to uncover the rest of the Ascendant Lord's plot. 

The trailer shows off some gameplay leading into next week's launch, telling the story from a Druid's perspective (likely Druid Laurel herself). Players will contend with the Firesong Circle and the forces of the Druid King to uncover the mysteries on the island, according to the trailer.

The trailer shows off some rather interesting-looking locations, such as the Graven Deeps underwater caverns and ruins to the tunnels and caves of the Earthen Root Enclave. Also, apparently Tamriel has Indiana Jones-esque laser traps.

You can check out the trailer in the embed above. The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths releases on August 22nd for PC, Mac, and Stadia. Console players, as always, will be waiting at least two weeks until September 6th when the update hits PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This DLC continues the storyline started in The Elder Scrolls Online's Legacy of the Bretons, most recently with its High Isle expansion. Make sure to read our review of ESO High Isle as you head into High Isle for the DLC.


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