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The Elder Scrolls Online Community Hits 100% Event Completion, Unlocking Firesong DLC For High Isle Owners

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The Elder Scrolls Online community has reached the 100% completion goal in the Heroes of High Isle event, meaning that all High Isle chapter owners will be getting a free copy of the Firesong DLC. The completion also means potential bonus days for the next edition of The Explorer’s Celebration for the remainder of the original event duration.

The Heroes of High Isle event started last Thursday, September 29th, and the community took just about a week to reach all goals. Some of the other tiers unlocked the Plant Yourself emote, which has your character create a chair made out of plants, pause a beat, then sit down in it, the Oak’s Promise markings, and several more at the 100% completion tier. For ESO+ members, there’s an Appleback Salamander pet, and for everyone else, an Ascendant Hoard Box. Most notable, of course, is the Firesong DLC itself, which will be available to all High Isle owners on release for free. The DLC will be available to claim for all owners, regardless of participation. 

Since the community hit the mark early, any further progress will contribute to  unlocking potential bonus days for the next edition of The Explorer’s Celebration. The Heroes of High Isle event is set to run through October 11th, so any progress up until then will now count towards the bonus days. 

The Explorer’s Celebration is a limited-time repeating event that will unlock a number of significant bonuses. This means things like double XP from pretty much every source that stacks with other XP boosts, double goals, double drops for Harvest nodes, and other bonuses all over Tamriel. This event is not a regular event in that there aren't any event tickets and there are no unique event quests, but it's full of progression opportunities. Whether for new skills, or even alts, earning more bonus days is now on the table.

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