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The Elder Scrolls Online Community Event Will Give The Firesong DLC for Free As 100% Completion Reward

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Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online team held a special Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event, where they did a deep dive on the  Firesong DLC releasing in November. They put together a recap of all the major points, including the Prelude that went live for everyone yesterday, and how players can get their hands on the fire song DLC for free.

Firesong is set to wrap up the year-long saga with about 15 hours of story content. Other elements from this year's DLC and story content, including returning characters, will converge with political intrigue and conflict, alongside in the floor, the island of Galen, and how the Druids and their lore tie into the overall Legacy of the Bretons story.

Galen, the home of the Druid clans, is the third major island in the Systres Archipelago, and will be explorable in many ways. Expect collectibles, new locations and points of interest, and creatures. The team went into some detail about the three distinct biomes in the area, as well as designing transitions, and how to make the creatures fit the story they’re telling.

There’s more on all of that in the full video, but aside from the practical details in the DLC, there’s also a way that players can unlock the Firesong DLC themselves for free.  The Heroes of High Isle event, announced earlier this week for those that own the High Isle chapter, consists of several community goals involving player completion of the High Isle Pathfinder achievement. The more players explore and unlock it, the greater the rewards. Most of the rewards were already revealed, but on the stream they announced that the Firesong DLC will be free for all High Isle owners on 100% completion. The team has also put High Isle on sale if you’re looking to jump into the event. The community now sits at 26% completion with the event ending on October 11th.

Read the recap over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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