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The Elder Scrolls Online Brings The Spooky Season To Tamriel With the Witches Festival

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tis the season of Halloween events, and The Elder Scrolls Online is returning to Halloween with its Witches Festival. Starting on Thursday, October 24, players can enjoy boosts, collectibles, and get their hands on event tickets for the festival.

Players can join in the event by heading tot he Holiday section of the Crown Store and grabbing the free quest. If you complete the quest, "The Witchmother's Bargain," you'll get the Witchmother's Whistle momento, though if you participated last year you can just use the Crow Caller, just navigate to the collections menu and you're ready to go.

Using the item, you'll summon the Witchmother's Cauldron, giving your party a "two-hour 100% XP buff that stacks with all other XP bonuses."

You'll be able to earn many momentos and such during your spooky adventures by getting Plunder Skulls. Items include:

  • NEW pieces of the Skeleton Marionette memento
    • Combine all 10 pieces to craft this collectible
  • Hollowjack Motif pages or books
  • Pieces of the Apple-Bobbing Cauldron memento
    • Combine all seven pieces to craft this collectible
  • A Runebox containing a Witches Festival-themed mask
    • Collect all four!
  • Witches Festival-themed recipes, including furniture and furniture recipes
  • Bewitching Alchemy reagents and style materials
  • …and an assortment of creepy and items!

You'll also grab a Dremora Plunder Skull once you defeat each different type of boss each day. These skulls include items found in regular skulls, but also special items, such as a Glenmoril Armor outfit style, treasure mapts and more. 


You can check the full details on the official announcement on the website. The Witches Festival goes until November 4th, so be sure to check it out while you're running through the latest Dragonhold content, which just hit PC and Mac this week. 


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