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The Dreaming Dark Preview

Jon Wood Posted:
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The team at Turbine has a new adventure pack, The Dreaming Dark. Our own Jaime Skelton had the opportunity recently to take a tour of the new content.

It's been a little over a month since Update 1 was launched for Eberron Unlimited, and players were introduced to the strange cult of the Path of Inspiration. Jeets Shimis, and others held under the sway of the Dar Qat cult, may now be free, but there's more battles ahead for players against the Dreaming Dark. Update 2 introduces a new adventure pack, set to launch on Wednesday, December 16th for all VIP players, and available for purchase on December 18th in the DDO Store, which will send players back into battle against the beings from the Plane of Nightmares.

I had a chance to sit down with Fernando Paiz (Executive Producer), Steve Muray (Lead Systems Designer), Eric Boyer (Producer), and Ricardo Liu (Sr. Content Designer), and take a tour of this new adventure, to see just what lies in store for players who return to this quest series.

Read The Dreaming Dark Preview.


Jon Wood