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The Division 2 to Allow Players to Target Specific Loot Drops

Christopher Coke Posted:
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With its latest update, The Division 2 will allow players to better target specific pieces of loot to build their characters and take on new content. Following the update, players World Tier 5 and higher will be able to see which type of loot will be rewarded for completing certain activities. With new updates to the mini-map, players will be able to hone in on exactly where and what to play to seek their intended drop.

It's not as simple as “Item X drops here,” but Title Update 6 will make it much simpler to identify what slotted gear or weapon type is dropping where. An update to the megamap will place large icons over whole regions where named NPCs are guaranteed to drop items of that type. Smaller icons will highlight which missions offer that gear type as a reward:


As always, gear drops scale with your player, so while you may be after one specific dream item, you’ll at least be assured you’ll be getting rewards appropriate to your Gear Score as you grind out named NPCs and missions waiting on your specific target.


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