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The Division 2 Players Reporting Stuttering Issues & Nvidia Patch Problems

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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While The Division 2 has seemingly gotten off to a relatively smooth start, there are some issues that have cropped up since Friday's release. Some players are reporting graphical issues including stuttering and Nvidia-specific problems with the game entering a game client restart cycle. Others complained that co-op level scaling was broken, however, Ubisoft is already at work on a solution. 

The stuttering issue seems to be the more widespread than others, though community members seem to be making suggestions that work for some:

After playing through the introduction and getting into the open world, I'm encountering unplayable stuttering. The game runs flawlessly when the stuttering stops, but taking nearly any action will cause massive freezing. It seemed to only really get bad once I finished the first major story mission. I'm not having the stuttering in other graphics-intensive games I'm playing. I've tried using the dx12 renderer and not. Toggling V-sync doesn't help either. This also happens immediately upon loading into the world, so perhaps unrelated to the other memory leak issue?

Interestingly, the "Hot" topic sort on The Division 2's Reddit page does not show an overabundance of technical or bug-related posts. 

What bugs or issues have you encountered, if any? Leave us your comments!

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