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The Division 2 is Still Kicking! New Modes, Gear and Features in Testing for Much Needed Future Update

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s easy to get overloaded with so many great games out there right now, but that doesn’t mean that some of our old favorites haven’t been working hard at getting new content ready for their fans. Ubisoft has some features on The Division 2 public test server, ready for testing, and they are urging players to hop on over and leave some feedback as the prepare to push these changes to the live game.

The Division 2 has come a long way from its initial release back in 2019. After their large expansion Warlords of New York the team at Ubisoft had an ongoing gameplan of recurring seasons, where players could continue progressing their characters and earn new rewards. Eventually, The Division 2 began rerunning old seasons, as they began developing new content. Roughly 4 months ago, the team pushed back a February 2022 Apparel event to an unspecified time later this year, citing the new content as their main reason for the delay. The team also took to Twitter to let players know that Season 9 is on the way, but they could not give specific dates for that.

Despite some missed dates, the new content has been rolling out on the Public Test Server, and the changes could be very welcome additions for The Division 2 fans. Here is a short list of what players can check out on the PTS:

New Mode: Countdown

  • Countdown is an 8-player, timed, PvE mission that includes random encounters, and a new unique map. Players can access this new mode through matchmaking, and earn new gear and weapons.

New Progression: Expertise

  • This new account-wide progression feature allows players to improve their maximum performance in gear, skills, and weapons. There are two inherent progression systems built within the new feature, Expertise Level and Proficiency Rank. Check out the official PTS post for specifics on what types of gear and skills this will affect.

New Gear Added

  • 2 new named gear sets and an additional 2 new pieces of gear have been added to the PTS for testing.

New Weapons

  • 3 new exotic weapons and 2 new named weapons have been added for testing on the PTS.

Additional Balance and Gameplay Adjustments.

  • You can look forward to changes to shields, repair traps, and more.

Obviously, these features are still being worked on and are not final. At this time there is no telling when new content can be expected to hit The Division 2. At this point in development, many players have expected the next iteration, a sequel perhaps, but it seems like Ubisoft feels there’s still a little life left in The Division 2 after all.


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