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The Division 2 is Getting More Content This Year

Run and Gun in 2021

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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In a message to The Division 2 fans, Ubisoft has stated that there will be additional content headed to the game this year. Originally, Title Update 12 was slated as the last major content update to The Division 2.

The news came with little details into what the new content would entail, or how big the update would be. The means to continue development of The Division 2 purportedly came about due to the resounding support for the game over the years.

When The Division first released back in 2016, it ran roughly 3 years before The Division 2, its lauded successor, launched in 2019. Now, rounding out its third year in development, The Division 2 has roughly hit that three-year mark that could – if the development plans were similar – have seen a new Division game headed our way.

With content rolling through 2021, and the developers’ insistence that those updates weren’t initially planned, we can only wonder what is on the horizon, and whether we can expect something big – like what Warlords of New York was, or more modest updates. We look forward to learning more later this year.


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