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The Division 2 Devs Detail a Reworked Weapons System in Latest Blog

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As the date for the release of The Division 2 nears, the developers at Ubisoft are taking some time to introduce players to new and / or improved systems coming with the game. In the latest blog post on the official site, readers get a look at the retooled weapons system including a peek at the arsenal players will have at their disposal.

"Main" weapons and side arms include: assault rifles, marksman rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, light machine guns, pistols and rifles. Rifles are the new weapon type coming to TD2 and will include semi-auto and burst-fire subcategories. 

In The Division, the many different rifles are grouped into two categories - the Assault Rifle or Marksman Rifle category. In The Division 2, we have decided to add a third category for these weapons. This will allow us to create specific and relevant bonuses for semi-auto and burst-fire rifles, as well as all other weapons. Our ambition with these changes is to have a great variety of equally viable weapons in the game, so that you will have a wider range of weapons.

Players will also have access to exotic weapons, with each being unique in order to provide a "clearly distinguishable" look. "Every visual element of the weapons will tell a bit about the story and theme of the weapon" the post reads.

Also coming to The Division 2:

  • Grenades - Flashbang (Sharpshooter), Incendiary (Demolitionist) and Frag (Survivalist)
  • Mods that will be unlocked rather than looted - this is new for TD2
  • Weapon Talents have been "completely reworked and you will have all new talents". 

Another new feature is the augmented reality tracker that will sit on the side of your guns when you scope in. It is a real-time tracker for you weapon's talent that will show different things depending on what talent you have equipped. For example, it can light up when the talent is activated or help you keep count of shots left until the talent activates, etc. The purpose of this is to make it easier for you to understand your talents and use them in the most efficient way.

Be sure to swing by the official site of The Division 2 to check out all of the details.


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