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The Disgruntled Pony: DarkPony Tackles Torchlight 2!

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DarkPony has spent some time in the Torchlight 2 beta and has more than a couple of thoughts on his experiences in his latest entry to the The Disgruntled Pony blog.

TL2 cleverly hides its linear hack & slash roots with randomized, wide and open outdoor zones and dungeons with multiple paths branching off. Some of those zones and dungeons are satisfyingly large. But what's more; the overall design and attention to detail of all environments are impressive; the game world feels very interactive and rich. A lot of love, inspiration and skill went into this game. Dungeons feel unique, you never notice the random map generation and there's all kinds of unexpected little things going on. I couldn't help myself making a ton of screenshots. More kudos here.

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