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The Day Before Announces Delay Until 2023 - Moving to Unreal Engine 5

Steven Weber Posted:
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It was only a few short weeks ago that we inquired into what happened with the upcoming survival MMO The Day Before. Now, through an announcement via IGN, the team at Fntastic has finally let players know that the game will be delayed, and that they will be migrating to Unreal Engine 5.

Originally planned to release June 21st of 2022, The Day Before by Fntastic and published by MYTONA has become one the most wish-listed games on Steam. This survival MMO has shown some exciting gameplay, indicating that there are a lot of exciting moments ahead, with some very beautiful locales. Now, Fntastic has a new target release date for The Day Before, slated as March 1st, 2023, dashing the hopes of MMO gamers who were looking forward to getting into some zombie-killing battles this year.

The statement released by Fntastic alludes to a cause of the delay being the transition from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. Earlier we had posed the question if whether the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine could be a possible cause for the delay, but our request for comment related to the topic have yet to be returned.

In a follow up to our previous article, it appears that Fntastic’s website has since come back up, where before it would only go to a login page, and prior to that, a notification that their admin license expired. Now the page displays information related to The Day Before and their recently released game Prop Night. For fans awaiting this free-for-all PvP survival MMO, it is certainly great to hear that the team at Fntastic are making some progress, even if the news of a delay could be disappointing to many. The added benefits of Unreal Engine 5 may just be worth it in the end.


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