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The Dark Reaches Brings New Dungeons & Apex Skills Arrive in TERA PC

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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TERA players can head into the game to check out the latest update called The Dark Reaches. Most notably, the update brings new APEX skills to several of the game's classes including ARcher, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Sorcerer and Valkyrie. In addition, two new level 65 dungeons have been added alongside an updated UI and the Compliment System.

The Dark Reaches update also brings update to some of TERA’s features starting with the Compliment System. Experienced veterans can now help out new and returning players by enrolling in this program in-game to mentor, assist, and play as a team. As a reward, players can receive “compliments” from those they mentor. Get connected via Instance Matching to have an opportunity to get involved! On top of all this, PC players will receive TERA’s streamlined new UI, designed to be faster and more intuitive.

Lastly, the Harvest Festival is live on PC and will run through November 11th.

Learn more on the TERA site.


Suzie Ford

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