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The Daedric War Celebration is Almost Here in Elder Scrolls Online, As ZeniMax Sends Some Mysterious Clues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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January is set to be a significant month for The Elder Scrolls Online, with a special stream on January 27th announcing the year-long story theme for the year as well as the overarching story for 2022.  ZeniMax has already started sending out some mysterious clues ahead of the reveal. Before we get there, however, starting this week, the Daedric War Celebration returns.

The Daedric War Celebration begins on Thursday January 20th and will run until February 1st. It's open to players who have access to the Morrowind chapter, Clockwork City, or the Somerset chapter DLC. You'll be able to pick up the special event quest "Guidance for Guides” to begin. 

During the celebration, there will be bonuses for even non event boss slaying and resource gathering. For the event, you'll be able to complete quests and adventure along in order to earn a chance at Daedric War Spoils reward boxes. There’s a chance when you slay monsters, open treasure chests, defeat bosses in the Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorum, and Cloudrest Trials, doing the event introductory quest, and killing Delve and world bosses. You'll also get them for closing Abyssal Geysers.

Once you have those boxes in hand, you'll be able to open them for a chance to get several returning items like the Overland set, transmutation crystals, Snowhawk Mage Armor style pages, and two new items, Evergloam Champion weapon style pages or the Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet runebox. 

Now for that January 27th announcement, various community sites and influencers have received letters and a special medallion with clues. Tamriel experts all over have begun working to decipher the hints. Arabella Davaux is the author of the Investigator Vale novels, and some believe there are clues pointing to the High Isles. The text talks of ascension and overarching goals as well as implications of potential seizure of power. All of this is in line with the team’s stated focus this year on bringing the political intrigue back and less world ending chaos.

We will all see where this goes when the Elder Scrolls Online theme for this year is revealed. For now, the fun and events continue. For more on the Daedric War Celebration, head over to the event announcement.


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