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The Cycle Begins Weekly Playtests for the Match-Based FPS with PvPvE Action

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YAGER has sent word that The Cycle has reached an important milestone in its development thanks to the arrival of weekly playtests that will kick off on April 12th. Once this round of testing is complete, closed beta opportunities for interested players will begin, likely later this spring. The Cycle challenges players to "go it alone, form squads with friends, or make uneasy temporary alliances with strangers", though there is always the danger that one of them will shiv you unawares.

The team at YAGER is committed to an open, community-driven development environment, and is looking to give players a recurring chance to try the game and offer feedback on new features, content and ongoing developments, as well as input on what they would like to see from the game in the future. Players that join these sessions will see their progress carried over weekly during alpha testing, until the game launches into closed beta later this spring.

The Cycle is a match-based first-person shooter with an emphasis on PvPvE action, completing jobs, gearing up with new weapons and powers, out-scoring other players, and making it off the planet alive. On the exotic alien frontier of Fortuna III, you’ll compete against and – if you choose – team up with other prospectors to harvest resources, defeat hostile lifeforms, and make your fortune before the world, your rivals or even your so-called allies kill you.

Check out The Cycle site for more information.


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