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The Cult of the Dragon Return in Neverwinter's Free Battle Pass in October

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Neverwinter has some surprises in store with the Jewel of the North module. Launching on October 1st, Cult of the Dragon returns and there will be a free battle pass included along with other goodies to earn and unlock during the ongoing, changing campaign.

Echoes of Prophecy will bring you right into investigating a series of rumors of weird happenings over in the Weave and beyond. These mysterious happenings have spread wide, and the Cult of the Dragon has returned to Neverwinter. It will be your job to get to the bottom of what's happening, search for answers, and set things right.

This won't be easy and it won't be quick either. Echoes of Prophecy will be spread over three milestones, with staggered releases. The story and the return begin on October 1st on all platforms, and will start with players investigating the rumors and the return of the cult, confronting some of its priests and getting information on their grander plans. The rest of the releases will further develop the campaign, and feature more steps to unraveling the mystery of what's behind the Cult of the Dragon's return, new phenomena that has been appearing in the Weave, and of course, the long road to possibly stopping their plans. The second module will be out on November 1st and the third on December 1st. 

Each phase will feature new story content and enemies, along with rewards that will rotate along with the new chapters. These will include new mounts, cosmetics, emotes, and other rewards. As a special bonus, just logging in daily, playing through the campaign, and questing will also unlock some free loot. A premium battle pass will also be available for those who want their reward bags a little heavier. 

Neverwinter enters its new phase in October, with returning events and this new mystery to solve. For more, or to play, check out the official site.


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