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The Criminal Enterprises Update Now Live On GTA Online, Brings Massive Mission Changes to Los Santos

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest update for Rockstar's epic online mode for Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Online, has now live. The Criminal Enterprises brings with it massive changes to missions in the online mode, as well as adds new missions, new cars, weapons, and much more.

The main draw of The Criminal Enterprises for some (myself included) is the changes made to how missions are handled in GTA Online. Now, many of the activities that were only available in a public lobby, such as Sell Missions for the various businesses you can own, are now available to play in private sessions. This means you can take full advantage of your in-game investments, as well as enjoy every aspect of your business without the need to deal with hackers and griefers. 

Additionally, a new set of missions sees players joining forces with the IAA intent on investigating why oil prices have skyrocketed in Los Santos (art imitating real life it seems). The new 6-missions arc sees players helping the IAA investigate petrochemical family, the Duggans, to get to the bottom of the rising costs. 

Each major business type is also getting some much-needed mission additions, such as new Nightclub missions aimed at dealing with rival drug dealers or taking care of paparazzi, or shake-down missions for Executives at Los Santos Tuners, an auto shop in GTA Online

As with all major updatesThe Criminal Enterprises also brings with it a bevy of new weapons, vehicles and more to GTA Online. Additionally, one of the best changes to the online open-world game is coming, mercifully, with the update: improved movement speed in areas like the Casino. 

GTA+ members also see some new benefits starting today, including being able to claim the Lampadati Corsita for free, as well as 50% GTA$ and RP bonuses on certain mission types.


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