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The Creation Catalyst Comes to World of Warcraft This Week to Let You Get Tier Set Pieces You Need

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The Creation Catalyst will become available in World of Warcraft this week. This new feature, originally mentioned in Eternity's End announcements, provides an alternate route to get yourself geared up with appropriate set pieces. 

One of the ways in which Eternity's End wanted to create  more chances for players to get appropriate gear is through the announcement of the Creation Catalyst. You'll be able to take one gear item per week (but if you skip a week, charges will be stored so you can do two next week, and so on) and transform it into a corresponding tiered set piece with a matching item level to what you're putting in. You can use Season 3 gear that you earn from raids, PVP, Mythic+ or gear purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq  in Zereth Mortis. Pieces include Helms, boots, legs, gloves, belts, chests, bracers, shoulders, and cloaks.

Any items that you put into the Catalyst will simply be changed to a corresponding set piece of the same level. You’ll need to have gathered enough Cosmic Flux from activities in order to use the Catalyst to transform your piece, and the price varies depending on what kind of piece you’re using. Bracers and cloaks will cost 600 but if you want to transform chests, helms, or legs, expect to hand over 1500.

With changes to drops also included in Eternity’s End, they’ve emphasized that they want more players to feel they have a chance to get what they want and need to be competitive and to enjoy their play. Even the limit of 1 piece per week is a soft limit because if you skip a week then you will have to charges the following week. If you are looking to transform an entire set, you need to wait. In the meantime there are other ways to get the gear you might want, but this backup is a new option.

There’s also a short FAQ with the announcement that the Creation Catalyst will go live this week. This covers what stats will transfer over, if transformed pieces are upgradeable along with the rest of the set you’re slotting them into, and info on levels.


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