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The Community Gets to Decide Characters' Fates in Sea of Thieves' Latest Adventure, Return of the Damned

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Once again, Sea of Thieves players are being put in charge of an important decision through collective decisions in its newest Adventure, “Return of the Damned”. Will Captain Pendragon survive the attempt to banish Captain Flameheart, or will Captain Flameheart’s resurrection be the surviving mark on the world? The Adventure will go live today through November 17th.

Players get the chance to decide whether they want to support the Servant of the Flame in the ritual plans to resurrect Flameheart or if they want to side with Captain Pendragon in his quest to banish him. 

In this new Adventure, you can show your support by collecting Bewitching Dolls, which are found around six Sea Forts. Hopefully, you’ve been practicing how to conquer and keep those forts, since the dolls draw power from them. You can tell which side controls the fort by looking at a beacon on top. Keep in mind that any player go and can take existing flags down by Sea Forts to sabotage efforts.

If your side can capture and keep any or, preferably, all of the Sea Forts when you turn in the Bewitched Dolls to Belle or the Servant of the Flame, their effectiveness will be much greater. Even moreso if you find and defeat Soulflame Captains in a fort and enchant a Doll there. 

If your side does not have control of all of the forts, you can still turn in the dolls, but the effectiveness will be lower. Yet, sometimes it might be better to go and deliver the dolls you have instead of risking everything by trying to capture more forts.

Ultimately, the community will decide which side prevails and what comes next. While, due to the nature of this event, a live update won’t be available to check, the team says that they will be giving regular updates on how things are going. Similar to the community decision to save Golden Sands earlier this year.

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