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The City of Titans Team Recaps 2020's Progress and Talks the Road Ahead

Who Needs the Road Ahead if Flying is an Option?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Missing Worlds Media has posted a recap of City of Titans in 2020, outlining some disappointment that more headway couldn’t be done throughout the year. The team still lauded the development that they did accomplish. MWM is looking forward to 2021, with a Mac client in the works, and several of the in-game neighborhoods getting fully fleshed out.

The recap not only spoke about some of the progress the all-volunteer team has made, but they also showed off a video, not unlike they one shown in early 2020, and several screenshots that showed how far the game has come.

The recap also talks about the systems that are in the game and what state they are in. Several systems are currently in different states of production, and the team is at work interconnecting these systems so that further testing can be done.

“One of the biggest design projects that is building steam is Multiplayer. This is a lot of smaller systems that need to be connected; but when they’re all together, this is what makes a game an MMO. We’ve already used our Island test map to show you some of the most basic functions with map design, a Holiday package hunt, NPC interactions, and exploding pumpkins, but now we’re ready to take what we learned there, and start applying it to the larger game world.

-The Missing Worlds Media Team

This update comes on the heels of a recent tweet requesting that players continue to support the project from the project lead Chris Hare:

Hopefully City of Titans continues its progress and has a constructive 2021!


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