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The City of Aeterna, Torchlight: Infinite's Latest Season Brings New Hero, Easier Legendaries, and More Today

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The City of Aeterna, the new season for Torchlight: Infinite starts later today. The new update Introduces a new hero, a new zone, a new hero trait for Gemma, new season pass and of course, a new boss. There are also a number of optimizations and improvements to give players more options.

The ARPG’s new zone, the City of Aeterna is made up of ancient ruins, and you'll have to gather resources  in order to rebuild the city, and unlock passages and open up the way to earn yourself rewards and, of course, loot. To do this, take on timed challenges to rekindle candelabra flames in the ruins, earning yourself a Mark of the Ruins. With these Marks, you’ll activate reward spot dots on the map and eventually, connect them. When you do, you’ll gain access to the city.

As you find collectibles in the city, you'll also be able to unlock various season-related Talent Nodes. These Talent nodes go into the talent panel, Psalms of Aeterna.

The new season boss, the Lone King of Aeterna, awaits. And those dots that you connected on the map? The more of those that you connected, the harder this battle is, but the drops are also better as a result. There's a random map and an endless tower challenge, so there'll be a lot of repeatable content to take on in order to build up your characters and to continue aiming higher for better stuff. 

The Forsaken Iris is the newest hero. She’s a Spirit Magus who summons small spirit magi to assist her in battle. She can even upgrade them and buff their power via a Growth mechanic. This new hero represents a different way to play through Torchlight: Infinite, with new build possibilities. 

Speaking of new build possibilities, Gemma can now use the Flame of Pleasure Trait, which gives her a fiery skill set. Turn Gemma into a walking inferno who can do massive damage with the flames and take down enemies. 

The team is also highlighting a number of improvements, including revamped Netherrealm Battles, a 3.5x increase in Legendary Drop Rate, and an overhauled crafting system. In addition to better Legendary drop rates, there’s now a Blueprint system, which is another way to get your hands on Legendary gear. Collect blueprints during the season and you'll be able to craft legendary gear.

Head over to Torchlight: Infinite for more details.


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