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The Celestial Throne Update for Zenith: The Last City, Brings New Dungeons, Quests, and Gear on June 16th

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The Celestial Throne, the first major update for Zenith: the Last City, is coming next week on June 16th. The update adds six new dungeons, 20 new quests, a matchmaking system, all after you see a large floating castle appearing. Expect new challenges, new enemies, and some mystery to solve, daily quests, and quality of life updates.

This huge update will grow Zenith: the Last City, as it both expands the lore and the content in various ways. The titular Celestial Throne involves the flying castle that has suddenly appeared near the surface after being hidden by storm clouds for 60 years. Of course when a big castle shows up floating in the sky, it's probably something worth exploring. And it's no difference with Zenith. The floating castle comes bearing gifts in the form of six new instanced dungeons.

These new dungeons are interactive challenges for 4 to 8 players. Using the games new matchmaking system, you'll be able to assemble your party to take on the puzzle, new enemies, traps, and other challenges to get through in order to secure yourself a brand new pile of shiny loot.

The heart of the castle is known as the Furnace, and this will also give you an opportunity to go with your party and use the updrafts to carry yourself across the lava pits. This is a VR game so there's a lot of challenges that you may have to handle in a way you're not typically used to.

The patch will also include one large obstacle course, eight new armor sets and headgear, the arrival of daily quests, and some quality of life updates. Some of these include the addition of left-handed controls.

For more, take a look at the preview trailer for The Celestial Throne, and visit the Zenith site.


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