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The Celestial Throne is Coming to Zenith: The Last City With Six Instanced Dungeons and Many Hours of Content

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Prepare for The Celestial Throne. Zenith: The Last City will be getting its first major update since the game launched at the end of January. The huge new update is set to feature dozens of hours of content, new systems, and even additional quality of life changes, including  left-handed control options.

The title of the update refers to a previously hidden flying castle that has reappeared and come down near the surface, hovering in its mystery. You'll be getting inside, of course.

Recently, the Ramen VR team  has been hinting at new content, including showing off a short clips of an upcoming dungeon. This is the update where we will get instant dungeons, for a shared VR experience. Six dungeons, in fact., spread throughout the world and within the suspended castle. These dungeons will be available for 4 to 8 players through an instanced matchmaking system. You'll have to prepare to put your best teamwork forward and learn how to participate in a dungeon in full VR.

There is a brief new peek at the update, and when we say brief, we mean 13 seconds.  However, a tease is still a look at the content. The team explains in the update announcement that the first few seconds shows off one of the first challenges. This is known as the Furnace, which is also the heart of the castle. The furnace is what's keeping this huge castle floating high in the sky using the powers of flame and lava. You will have to use what's available, starting fires in the forges, creating updrafts from the heat vents in order to carry yourself across lava pits and get to the rest of the dungeon to take on the boss.

The Zenith team will be holding an AMA on Tuesday, May 31st on the official Discord. They’ll open up an AMA channel for anyone interested to leave questions about the update.

For more, see the announcement at Zenith: The Last City


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