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The Budgie Carnival Celebration Returns to Rift, Along With 11th Anniversary Activities

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Gamigo recently announcing that Rift would be seeing more regular events and updates soon, today marks the return of the Budgie Carnival Celebration event, and begins celebrations for Rift’s 11th anniversary.

Budgie Madness is back for two weeks and you can take on four daily quests to earn some Chaos Motes. If you like racing, take on the Budgie race for 15 Motes. Complete an expert dungeon with others through Groupfinder, also for 15 Motes. Awarding yet another 15 Motes is the opportunity to queue for a Warfront, Birds of a Feather Train Together. And your final 15 daily Motes can come from “The Birds”, a special Budgie zone event. These four daily quests are available in the main cities, but there are 12 other daily quests you can grab from NPC Frank Stroher. All of these also award you 15 Motes. 

Once you've collected enough Chaos Motes, you can trade them for rewards like pets, wardrobe skins, Dimension items, or the Budgie Mount. 

If participating in the Budgie Carnival isn't your thing, maybe celebrating Rift’s 11th anniversary is fitting? There will be weekly and daily quests for the next four weeks that will reward you with loot bags, mounts, and more. Score some collectible Carnival Prize Tickets from completing carnival games, and you can redeem them in the World Events section of the Rift store.

The Spring Festival is also on, with special spring items like bunny ears in different colors, transformation potions that let you transform into a bunny, including an infinite version that lets you reuse it as often as you want.

Rift will see more events and updates in the coming weeks and months. This follows a significant slowdown in content, but this year the game has been seeing more official actions.

Learn all about the Budgie Carnival Celebration and Spring items in the official announcement over at Rift.



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