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The Brigand Kings

Keith Cross Posted:
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The latest content update for Puzzle Pirates features the Brigand Kings, whose fleets roam the seas with the ability to blockade and conquer islands. Players can reap booty and bounties for doing battle with these foes, and two new fighting vessels can be purchased by players to help get the job done.

Greetings and Salutations to All Who Sail these Seas

A warning to all unwary travelers: an armada of most unruly and troublesome brigands was sighted in these waters this very week. Attack may come at any time!

Be vigilant! These Brigand Kings have put to sea with mayhem on their minds. No port or island will be safe until their threat is answered. The Navy calls for all brave sailors to pick up their arms and stand in the defense of their homeland.

A bounty has been set. Good pay for the stout-hearted sailor who strikes at the enemy. Expect no mercy from these scoundrels. Give them no quarter in Battle!

Danger stalks the sea lanes! Watch for the Brigand King's Flag, for his scoundrel forces may be building out there in the deep blue-yonder.

Refugees from distant lands tell of cruelty, barbarity, and unfettered avarice. Their scouting ships were only the beginning. These so-called Kings would enslave the free Islands of this Ocean for their own petty gain. Click below to learn more about these most terrible and implacable foes.

Learn more about the Brigand Kings here.


Keith Cross