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The Book of Travels Team is Temporarily Shifting in Full to Fix Bugs and Improve Servers

New features and improvements on pause for a bit

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The development team at Might and Delight has posted a new update about Book of Travels. With the community wanting more bug fixes and overall stability, the team has confirmed that further development is mostly on hold for a while as they pivot towards fixing the game and providing a better environment to play in.

The Might and Delight team did unfortunately become much smaller last year. While they did commit to continuing development on the game and providing all of the announced features, this break from active development in order to shore up the game makes sense. Last week they floated a poll to the community asking what the team should focus on right now.  The choices were framerate performance, loading times, server stability / functionality, gameplay bugs/glitches, and art and animation. An overwhelming 56.9% of the responses voted for fixing the gameplay bugs and glitches. An additional question asked that when the first priority was done, what else should the team focus on next? The winner of that was server stability/functionality. 

Given these results, the team felt that its current direction shift makes the most sense, and the responses confirmed that their decision to work on improvements was the right call. 

“It serves as a nice confirmation that the path we’re about to set out on is the right course of action. We do have the talent onboard to straighten this out, we really believe that. And with this new focus on fixing what’s wrong with the game, all hands on deck, we’re going to put everything we have into the betterment of Book of Travels. And hopefully, with that, we also secure a stable future for the world of Braided Shore.”

There’s no word on just how long the pause on gameplay and new features will last, but the pivot is important. Might and Delight is also interested in using more form polls to gauge feedback as development continues. 

You can see the full dev blog here. 


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