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The Barbarian Joins Baldur's Gate 3, Where You Can Explore Efficiently, and Use Almost Anything As a Weapon

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With a new stream from Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate 3 has roared to some new life with the most recent update: Absolute Frenzy. This official update #7 brings the Barbarian class for your potential hard hitting roster, along with improvised weapons, thrown weapons, fog of war, expanded exploration with stealth and more, new loot, and improved visuals and cinematics. All of this is the latest on the road to 1.0.

Starting with the Barbarian, there’s also a new trailer to accompany the release. You’ll be able to pick from two Barbarian subclasses, each with their own style for you to zero in on. Wildheart Barbarians derive power from a Bestial Heart and their own set of combat abilities. Berserker Barbarians are the rage-fueled power type that probably comes to mind when you think of this class. Enraged Throw and Frenzied Strike are your highlights. The first deals extra damage and puts your enemy into Prone status. The latter lets Berserkers attack twice using a bonus action like the brand new improvised weapon.

Improvised weapons are also in this patch since you can turn nearly anything into a projectile. Weapons will do damage based on their weight and characters can lift and use an improvised weapon that weighs up to three times their strength ability. There really aren't limits if you have high enough stats, as the team notes that you can even use a Mindflayer as a weapon if you're strong enough. Thrown weapons and join the fun, with javelins, handaxes, daggers and spears available for a ranged attack option.

There’s also an emphasis on exploration with the addition of new stealth mechanics. Light and dark got a balance change to affect how these two conditions work. You’ll be more accurate in the light and hide more easily from enemies when it’s dark. Characters that have Darkvision will see a cone of sight in an otherwise dark space. Similarly, the new Room Portals will work like barriers over unexplored doors that will conceal what’s inside. Good if you like surprises. 

The notes add up to a full 12 pages of updates, according to the team and you can see for yourself with the official Baldur’s Gate 3 patch notes for Absolute Frenzy over here.


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