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The Atlas 'Golden Age of Piracy' Will Make the Game Friendlier to Soloists & Smaller Groups

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The Atlas site has been updated with a new post from the dev team called "The Golden Age of Piracy" that speaks to community feedback on the game being "tailored to large companies, alpha groups, and hardcore players" rather than to smaller groups or individuals. The team is committed to working with the community to "make the game less punishing and reduce the steep climb required for players to reach the parts of the game which make it special".

Large companies need not worry, however, as "you are still a fundamental part of our design and key to the game's vision". The team believes that any changes will ultimately make the game more fun for everyone "whether you're a solo player, a small group, a large company, or a multi-company alliance".

Some of the incoming changes include:

  • making "piracy" more immediate "without trivializing the content"
  • providing a way for small groups and soloists to log out and feel safe knowing when returning "it won't be such a difficult feat to get out on the seas again"
  • provide incentives to companies to neutralize territories so everyone can use the land and benefit
  • add "player markets, player specified automatic trade routes, additional quests, and daily missions"
  • bug/exploit squashing, stability and performance improvements
  • QoL and content additions

You can also check out the February update notes.

Check it all out on the Atlas site.


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