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The Atlas Devs Answer New Community Questions on Development Plans, Impact of Mods, PvE, and More

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The team behind Atlas asked community members to submit questions for the developers, and they  have just published the latest Q&A on everything from upcoming development changes,  the potential impact of mods, PVE content, and more.

With Atlas still in Early Access, there's much that could be changed between any declared final release and what's currently accessible, so keeping up with these developer Q&As is important to follow along where the community is, what matters, and what the developers are leaning towards creating. In the Q&A itself, one question was about development plans and progress, and the official Atlas roadmap was the answer, so if you’re curious about what’s coming, that is the hub you’ll want to pay attention to.

Other questions were more practical like how game play may be different with the use of mods and if the developers looked into what those effects might be. They do take a look at custom experiences designed by the community for a couple of reasons, and the  official answer here says that they look at what mods are seeing wide use among the community and the effect. The most important reason why is simple: “If a mod is universally used, that means there was an issue with the core game that needed to be addressed. We use that information to update our plans and address that issue. “

Other answers point to upcoming feature development, like PvE boss encounters at endgame to accompany all powerstones, additional ship customizations, island additions and balancing, and some plans to grow the community and to maintain it. One idea tossed around is the addition of smaller realms, possibly involving a season-based access system. 

With development underway and Early Access meaning players are helping with that development, there’s more info on things like wipes, devkit updates, the possibility of keeping some skills between wipes, lore, and more over at the latest Q&A.



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