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The Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Boss Difficulty

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Boss difficulty. This isn’t a controversial topic at all. That being said, the Ashes of Creation team wants your thoughts on it during the latest dev discussion.

This question comes from the design team who write,

“Our design team has compiled a list of burning questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. Join in on the Dev Discussion and share what makes gaming special to you!”

You can chime in with your response on the forums here. It seems some people have already done so with some folks preferring to be kept on their toes, while others have no preference whatsoever. Another poster prefers a more dynamic approach,

“I'd say I'm tired of these two methods at this point. I prefer a system dynamic system that drops are determined by spawn monster/boss. As in add multiple bosses and mobs but only one of them appears during any encounter, and guaranteed drops, but the drops depend on the method of killing the mobs and bosses.”

Sound off with your thoughts!


Poorna Shankar