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The Ashes of Creation Team Has Robust Plans for Showcasing the Game Throughout 2019

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The Ashes of Creation team has posted a lengthy new blog looking ahead at 2019 and the plans it has to be more proactive with showing off the game. Every month, the team will showcase new art, articles and a video. This month, for instance, the team will be taking an in-depth look at the node system. In addition, plans are in motion for a new developer diary video series that will focus on most of the games systems and stream events will be held on the last Thursday of every month.

The state of Ashes of Creation the MMORPG:

Development towards Alpha One continues to make good progress, and we are focusing on delivering an experience worthy of the name Ashes of Creation. We have a lot of very talented developers working around the clock and across the world on Ashes. We are one of the most ambitious MMORPGs to come around in a long time, and we intend on delivering the experience of our lifetimes. 

The core principle with the development of Ashes of Creation is getting it right, and our measurement of success is delivering on the vision that you signed up for. We are here to release the game that will make us all proud. We know that the sentiment from the community is to not rush something, or release something that doesn’t meet all of your expectations. With the addition of our new community team, you will begin to see new content and regular weekly updates on the progress of the MMORPG, and our journey to Alpha One.

Other takeaways from today's letter include:

  • a new 21,000 square foot studio is in construction
  • hiring continues
  • Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing has "revealed the need for some architectural refactoring" that will have implications for the MMO
  • the site has migrated to Amazon Web Services 
  • "Our goal of reaching Alpha One in Q2 of 2019 for the MMORPG relied heavily on the architecture and backend work that Apocalypse was testing."
  • Alpha One is in the works and over the next few months, several components will be tuned and completed:
    • Backend infrastructure and netcode changes
    • New Launcher preparation
    • Performance improvements and optimizations
    • Continued castle siege development and testing
    • Continued character, animation, and environment art
    • Continued system, UI, and content implementation

You can check out the full letter on the Ashes of Creation site.


Suzie Ford

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