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The Art of Strategy Event Adds a Little Dash of RTS-Style Challenge to World of Tanks

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Art of Strategy event comes to World of Tanks, bringing RTS-influenced gameplay and setups, as well as some missions and assorted loot  taking influence from RTS-style strategic gameplay, the event will run from today through May 4th and you can have a chance at victory in 1v7 and 1v1 battles.

World of Tanks already has strategic combat and planning, but the Wargaming devs decided to add some new flavor. This event exclusively uses Tier X vehicles for both 1v7 and 1v1. The 1v1 challenge features one player commanding a squad of 7 vehicles on the battlefield. These tanks need orders, so you’ll be the one giving them as the Strategist. After a 60-second planning pause, which is also the time in which you can deploy your vehicles and set your defenses, this is where your strategic decisions will make a difference.

The 1v7 mode is available from today, with the next mode 1 v 7, which features 7 Tankers against one Strategist and their 7 vehicles, to go live on April 25th. The goal for these modes is to either destroy all the enemy vehicles or capture the base whatever way your strategy works. You'll need Intel and Orders.

If you play the Strategist you will have your 7 AI controlled vehicles that can operate independently based on the commands you issue throughout the battle. Strategists can also set routes for the vehicles because you'll have a top-down view as well. A strategist will also have auxiliary defenses in several fixed positions that can also be backup as independent combat units. If you need to, as the strategist, you can take control of any one of your vehicles and command it individually.

There are also two daily missions for both roles, so you can play 4 daily missions in total depending on what you might be focusing on during the event. For doing the daily missions there are rewards like Styles, badges, and crew members.

For more on the event, the rules, and the strategy elements, head to World of Tanks.


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