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The Archer's Ascension Mission Arc Shoots into Black Desert Online

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For Black Desert Online players who rolled the recently-released Archer class, it's time for the Ascension Mission arc now that it's rolled into the game. For those without an Archer, the holiday spirit has descended into BDO for lots of wintry fun.

Players will be able to unleash the Archer's full potential at level 56 with five new abilities "to make his Greatbow even more devastating". These abilities include Righteous Smite, Watcher, Piecing Light, Ravenous Talon and Flow: Light's Trail. As players progress from level 56 to 58, they will receive benchmark rewards for each level attained. Once fully Ascended, Archers will receive the Darkness Shatterer title. Archers will also gain access to Absolute skills for the main weapon.

For those in a holiday mood, guess who's coming back? No, not Santa Claus, but Grandpa Cron! He's got great gifts for everyone, even the naughty! Gifts include Rudolf Headband, Santa's Hat, Elion's Tear and Christmas tree decorations.

Players can also take part in building a snowman to receive even more goodies and look forward to even more on Christmas when Night Vendor Patrigio will sell Cron boxes with all sorts of handy things inside.

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