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The ArcheAge Transfer Process Lost Items, So Kakao Will Compensate With Replacements With Random Stats

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When Kakao Games was named as the new publisher for the ArcheAge franchise, players were instructed to transfer their accounts over to the new servers through a process beginning in November. Unfortunately, some players lost items during the transfer process and the  Kakao Games team has announced what kind of compensation ArcheAge players can expect.

One thing to note is that the lost items from the previous build had unknown stats or gems, so every player getting a replacement item for what they lost will receive it with random stats. Any gems players had added couldn’t be verified so these won’t come back. This is going to be deeply unsatisfying for some,  but this seems to be the best way the team knows to compensate for the losses. Everyone who did lose an item should receive compensation so they will be doling out the  replacement items in batches. Even if you lost items and did not open a ticket with customer support you'll still get new items to compensate and replace what you lost.

The team  is hoping to start sending out the replacement items in February, but there's no exact date yet. Last month, there was another list of items subject to change and substitution in the current build. Those have already been compensated for and replaced, with substitute items in a streamlined system.

There are over four hundred items on the list for replacement, and not all of the items will be exactly the same, but players should expect a reasonable substitution, if applicable. Some of the items were specific like the enhanced Astra Wings: Speed or Astra Wings: Ascension but those players will simply receive Astra Wings.

For the full list of items that were potentially lost and what items will be replacing them, again with random stats and no gem replacements, see the official list at ArcheAge.  


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