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The Anniversary Update Hoists Sail in Sea of Thieves

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Anniversary Update is now live in Sea of Thieves. Players will find a host of new content to check out including The Arena, a mayhem filled short-session PvP event, as well as Tall Tales: Shores of Gold, the first of its kind narrative adventure. Lastly, players will find the Hunter's Call Trading Company that is squarely focused on fishing, cooking and hunting for those looking for more cerebral gameplay.

Tall Tales - Shores of Gold is part of this Adventure, presented as a collection of interconnected tales taking you deeper into the lore of the Sea of Thieves and the lives of the characters who live there. The story of Shores of Goldties in with Athena’s Fortune, the official Sea of Thieves novel, featuring new faces alongside some familiar favourites.

Players will not only enjoy a rich, narrative-led experience but also see special features such as deadly new traps for unwary explorers, items used in unexpected ways and some truly formidable foes who raise the bar for evil!

Learn more on the Sea of Thieves site.


Suzie Ford

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