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The Age of Sorcery Has Dawned in Conan Exiles, With Several Major Overhauls and Dark Secrets

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With the Age of Sorcery update now live for Conan Exiles, you have lots of new choices to go down the darkest of paths–or not. The variety of major changes, like overhauled perks and attributes, follower changes, the Battle Pass, and more will change the experience overall.

Sorcery is, of course, in the title, and opens up a lot of ways for you to learn some dark secrets, learn how to use Corruption, and wield some of the strongest power. Yet, there are sacrifices to be made, and not just the blood sacrifices you need to make to fuel your newfound power. But if you take all of this on, you could find yourself raising the dead, creating storms, and summoning some demons. All in the realm of possibility for what has just been unleashed.

Even if you’re not looking to take on knowledge and practice of the dark secrets, the update has something for you. The whole attributes and perks system has been overhauled for more flexibility,  there’s a whole new building interface, from which you can craft materials directly, a new “creative mode” to pause progression and build, and lots more. The new weapons and armor illusion system can help you to visually match gear pieces in the same category with the style you want.

Sorcery also made it necessary to update the follower system and add some new followers. Followers also got a balance change and integrated into the attributes overhaul, with follower damage tied to the Authority attribute and follower damage reduced across the board.

So if you’re looking to get started on some new buildings, fly around with your personal bat, set the stage for some ritual sacrifices, or plot out how to give yourself the most power to suit your ambition, this update lets it all happen.

Other changes include an expanded Events system, with new special events appearing across the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah. Funcom will add new events over time and rotate what’s available to keep things interesting.

See the full announcement and patch notes for all platforms over at Conan Exiles.


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