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The Age of Sorcery Arrives in Conan Exiles on September 1st, With Free to Try Event on Steam and Xbox

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It’s almost time to decide if you want to go down the dark paths of Sorcery and Corruption in Conan Exiles, as Funcom will release the update on September 1st. This huge update will set the stage for the future of Conan Exiles going forward, and will be accompanied by a free to try period on PC and Xbox.

The Age of Sorcery arrives with the ability to make use of Corruption and the chance to sacrifice some of your life force in exchange for the darkest power you can wield. Maybe summon a few demons. Make some ritual sacrifices for personal gain. The update also overhauls the Attribute and Perks system, which is designed for greater flexibility in build options. You can also corrupt some attributes, unlocking additional perks of a dark nature.

While the update introduces some serious darkness into the game, everyone will be able to benefit from the new perk system as well as the new model, the Battle Pass, and improvements to followers. Even if you never make your followers into undead thralls, you'll still have access to a number of improvements as well as progression for your followers.

The update also introduces a new building interface and a new mode, Creative Mode, that will make building easier. Creative Mode basically freezes all the survival mechanics and your progression, so you can safely build using every building piece and placeable item in the base game and any owned DLC.. This way, you essentially get a break where you can go and build. This mode is only accessible on servers that allow it.

In order to mark the arrival of this huge update that will change the game forever, Funcom has updated the key art for the game as well as announced a free to try event on Steam from September 1st through the 8th and on Xbox from September 8th through the 11th.

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