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The 20th Vana'versary is Coming for Final Fantasy XI This Year, With a Level Cap Increase and More

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 Final Fantasy XI will be marking its 20th anniversary this May. Or 20th Vana'versary, if you’d like. And the New Year’s letter from Producer Akihiko Matsui talked about what’s happening now and what will be planned for this year for content, improvements, and of course, celebration. 

When the game launched all the way back on May 16, 2002, the MMORPG space was very different. The game would also become one of the earlier cross-platform titles. The We are Vana'diel site has been up and running in advance of celebrations to come and has been featuring some reflections on the history and updates that continue to this day:

“One of the major features is a historic retrospective series about Vana'diel. Before the site went live, we noticed that a lot of the content therein deal with topics from 2002, the initial release of Vana'diel, and it reminds me that a lot of what we experience today is based on that solid foundation from two decades ago. I cannot help but be thankful for all who have worked so hard to make FINAL FANTASY XI the game it is today”

Matsui, who has been the producer for a decade now, also brought attention to the current storyline of the Voracious Resurgence, which continues through 2022. Aside from the twists and developments that the team has in store, there will also continue to be monthly updates to the Records of Eminence and Ambuscade.

As for the future, expect some combat changes and a refresh on reinforcing of Empyrean equipment. There will also be a level cap increase and a brand new storage system. These quality of life changes should place the game on a good foundation for the anniversary. There are plans for that to be marked officially as well, but word on that will come later.

Read the full New Year’s letter over at Final Fantasy XI.


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