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Thaemine Epilogue, Hanumatan Trial Guardian Raid, More Music Box of Memories Coming to Lost Ark Tomorrow

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With tomorrow’s May update, Chaos Rising takes hold in Lost Ark. Expect the Thaemine epilogue, new Music Box of Memories content, a new adventure island, and the Hanumatan Trial Guardian raid.

If you’ve been paying attention to Lost Ark over the past several weeks, Thaemine has been one of the top challenges around the world. With the Thaemine first clear race for the newest challenging raid (which was preceded by extra time to prepare everyone for the upcoming challenges), we’re now arriving at what’s next after Thaemine. 

The new epilogue quest, “Shadow of the Moon”, will become available with the patch, but only if you have cleared Thaemine Hard at least once and meet other completion prerequisites. Through this new quest, you’ll get to learn what comes next, after the Darkness Legion Commander’s attack and invasion of Arkesia. 

While this is the center of the update in terms of narrative, there’s more to do. Music Box of Memories will get six new stories to play through, letting you see through the eyes of ordinary people in Arkesia once more. With the addition of these six new stories, there will be updated rewards, new jukebox music, new achievements and titles to earn, and new cutscenes for these stories. Collect Memory Orbs to acquire Melody of Memories.

Of course, there’s also a date with Hanumatan in the latest Trial Guardian raid. This new Trial Guardian raid also comes with a first clear race. The raid will open on May 25th at 7pm UTC/ 12pm PDT/ 3pm EDT, In both normal and hard mode. you won't need to set up beforehand in the book of coordination or adjust, you can just feel free to take on the challenge and maybe even compete for a spot on those first clear leaderboards. 

While Hanumatan is a challenge, there are more on the way, and the Kurzan Prelude event, Chaos Assault, is also coming. There are hordes of enemies to defeat, all of which are entering through Distorted Chaos rifts that are opening around Mount Zagoras. Get in there and defeat as many enemies as possible, increase the suppression meter before it resets at 10:00 a.m. server time, and earn yourself special powders that you can exchange for rewards at the event shop.  rewards include a number of special items and event items, including a brand new mount.

There's also the Endgame Acceleration event to help you stock up on progression items and gold to prepare for Thaemine and the Echidna Kazeros raid that is on the way. Participate, clear the Ivory Tower Abyssal dungeon and Thaemine Legion raid to earn the goods.

On the lighter side, Cruel Toy Castle Island, the latest adventure island,  offers activities, the ability to earn some Mokoko seeds, a new title, Island Soul, and toys. 

Chaos Rising also adds a number of improvements, balance changes, and much more.


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