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Jon Wood Posted:
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Duck's Den Productions, the company responsible for the MMORPG, Valhyre: The Aftermath, have announced that they have opened their tester application form:


"Valhyre: The Aftermath"

Interview and Tester Application

Bloomington, MN. July 17, 2006: Duck’s Den Productions Inc is happy to announce the opening of the tester application form for its product “Valhyre: The Aftermath”. Tester will be accepted in the order their applications are received. It will take a few more month though before tester are let into the game. The form is available at this link. Additionally there was an interview done with the people at Onlinewelten.com. The english version can be found here and the german version is located here .

More information can be found at the Valhyre™ community site www.valhyre.com.

For more on Valhyre, click here.


Jon Wood