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Test Veteran Mode for the Elom Flashpoint on the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 BioWare keeps adding more updated mechanics and content to the Star Wars the Old Republic PTS. This time, the Flashpoint Elom now has a Veteran mode you can test and give feedback on. This is the first iteration of the new Flashpoint and gear upgrade players can try. 

When it comes to the 7.0 update and the Legacy of the Sith expansion, the way items and gear work are changing, and part of this affects Flashpoints, so this is your introduction to the experience.. When the update is released, Flashpoints will drop crafting materials and vanity rewards as always, but they will also start dropping upgrade currency or gear that you can disassemble into upgrade currency. In order to upgrade your gear, you can use a number of options, from that Flashpoint currency, to upgrade currency, daily or heroic currency, Conquest currency, and credits. Once you’ve set on your method, you’ll combine it with a piece of gear you want to upgrade.

n order to test this Flashpoint, you should create a character on a live server at level 1 and copy it to the PTS. Character creation on the PTS is not available for testing at this time.

So, for the first time, being able to play and test this Veteran Flashpoint should give you an idea of what to expect. Veteran Flashpoints with the new gear updates, once 7.0 is in final release, will intend to give you the chance to upgrade your gear up to item rating 324, with the opportunity to raise that to a rating of 328. 

Given that this is brand new to the PTS, expect some bugs, but this is the point of testing these features in the first place. Other things you can currently test on the PTS include Combat Styles, Legendary items and the new system, and level 80 game scaling. 

For full details, see this Star Wars: the Old Republic post.


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