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Test the R-4 Anomaly Operation on the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS Now

The next update will add content but focus on fixes and accessibility

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The R-4 Anomaly Operation for Star Wars: The Old Republic begins its testing phase and is now up on the PTS. 

You will be able to test out three bosses that you would normally encounter in this R-4 Anomaly Operation. It's available in both Story and Veteran modes for 8 players. The first pass of the testing phase will be limited, with the rest of the Operation including other bosses or the non boss encounters that will be included won't be available just yet. 

The bosses you’ll encounter will be IP-CPT, Watchdog, and Lord Kanoth, and each will have dedicated feedback threads to use to help the devs. This will be separate from feedback on the Operation as a whole, as well as other parts of the PTS that are currently being built and tested. 

For this Operation you won't be able to travel to Manaan in this phase of the PTS because they are still preparing the Manaan daily area for testing. Many of the other fixes that will be in the next update are also being tested in this phase. Following the launch of Legacy of the Sith, this update will mostly focus on bug fixes and the R-4 Operation is planned to go live after that. 

Other adjustments you will find in this phase include a change to the inventory screen UI that adjusts the contrast with the opacity reduced in hopes it will reduce the incidents cited that original settings were causing eye strain or headaches. Another accessibility change is feedback regarding trypophobia in the equipment icons. They will be testing adjustments to this part of the UI, so  they are looking for feedback by those affected to be sure the changes are effective.

For more on the testing for the R-4 Anomaly Operation and the other fixes being addressed, see the update over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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