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Test Some of Isle of Dread's New Features in Dungeons and Dragons Online

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If you're looking to see what the next Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion, Isle of Dread, will be bringing to the table, content from the expansion and update 55 are now available for testing.

The expansion will up the level cap from 30 to 32, let you play as the newly-added Tabaxi race, add new quests, new gear, put you in the path of dinosaurs, and more on your way to investigate Vecna’s plans. The preview opportunity for update 55 is running now and expected to run through sometime tomorrow. 

What you can expect to preview in this build include itemization from the new expansion, especially with the level cap increase, this is a significant part of the expansion update. There will be pirate-themed items that are stand-alone drops and items you can crash from dinosaur bones. 

The pirate items will be among dungeon drops and for the dinosaur stuff, you'll have to craft it so you'll probably be doing some hunting. In the test build, you'll only be able to try crafting weapons and shields. What’s available in the preview is only a limited amount of what you can expect in the full expansion next month, and that will also include new Artifacts and raid loot. The preview build also contains four dungeons, which is where you'll be finding some of that pirate loot. 

Changes in the preview include a change to teleport item that you find with expansion packs. When you have those items in your account,  you can use them to teleport to any destinations that the other teleport items had access to and you won't have to  be carrying them to do so. One of the items affected is a treasure map in the Isle of Dread expansion but the preview won’t take you to the real intended destination.

For the full notes on the preview build, including how to access the test, head over to Dungeons and Dragons Online.


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