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Test Out High Isle and Update 34 With The Elder Scrolls Online's New PTS Patch

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The Elder Scrolls Online is giving those who want to get an idea of what’s coming in Update 34 and High Isle a chance to do just that by playtesting the new PTS patch. 

The PTS build is now live with all PC NA characters copied over, but you can create a new character for the test. You will be able to enter the new zone of High Isle, where you'll be able to play through some of the chapter content, meet the two new companions, try out the new Trial, Dreadsail Reef, and even get a look at the brand new Tales of Tribute deckbuilding card game where you can settle into a tavern to win cards, furnishings, cosmetics, and other loot. The High Isle chapter is the big update for the year and it will set the course of ESO for the rest of 2022. 

When you enter, you'll be able to  take on some of the Main Story content including, the new delves, six World Bosses, to public dungeons, new set crafting locations, in addition to nine full length Objective quests, as well as other quest and encounters throughout the new zone. There are also new world events, Volcanic Vents and the smaller Lava Vents.  of course these will spawn monsters and it's your job to defeat them for rewards.  

Dreadsail Reef is a 12-person Trial, And there will be both normal and Veteran modes. Should you  take on the challenge and when you'll be able to get Unique item sets, and the Veteran difficulty will have perfected versions only available there. Hard mode is not currently active on the test because they want to focus on normal and Veteran right now.

You'll also be able to test out Update 34 for the base game, which will introduce Mundus Stones in the Armory system, apply the upscaling FidelityFX Super Resolution for better performance, introduce an updated quickslot wheel, combat balance tweaks, and small changes like choosing your own title screen music and additional accessibility options. This update will also bring  Spanish localization to the game. Of course with such a huge update, there are also tweaks to gear, new item sets, titles and achievements, Mythic items, Antiquities, mounts, emotes, dyes, A whole lot more to discover.

Head to the official site to read the full extensive patch notes for The Elder Scrolls Online PTS release for High Isle and Update 34.


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