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Test Out Fractured Online's Closed Beta During an Upcoming Free Week Open To All

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Fractured Online has been in closed beta since early April, but if you've been on the fence or simply haven't been sold on buying a game pack just yet, next week, there will be a free week of access to try it out during the closed beta test.

While this is still a closed beta and access to what is available will still be somewhat limited, you will be able to visit the continent of Aehern, which is a Human land, and you will be able to test out the game's dynamic temperature and weather systems and  see just how these systems affect gameplay.  In addition to experiencing the weather and temperature systems, the continent has  a wide variety of biomes and also a wide variety of creatures that you'll have to concern yourself with if you want to traverse the lands safely.

During the week of access, which begins on May 25th at 7AM PDT and runs through May 31st at 7 AM PDT, you’ll also get to check out the game’s other systems like crafting, resource gathering, PvE and PvP combat options, and even the player-driven economy. Since Fractured Online is a sandbox, things will be open to change. What you see in closed beta in Aerhen may work out differently, depending on player decisions and how things progress with cities, regions, and other ways to have an impact.

Dynamite Studios and Gamigo are on track for a release during the coming winter, and this opportunity will just give you a taste of what’s coming. A big summer update for the beta will introduce the Wildfolk, a new planet, and some endgame PvP content. In the fall, expect the Demons to arrive along with their planet, religions, and expanded crafting options.

If you take part in the free week  and later decide to purchase a Founder's Pack to have  24/7 access to the beta, you will be able to pick up where you left off during the week.

For more, head to Fractured Online.


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