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Territory Reset Day Hitting Albion Online on Saturday

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This Saturday (tomorrow) will be the reset of territories for the Albion Online Avalonian Invasion Standalone Season.

Any season points earned by guilds will be doubled. A new type of world boss will appear, in addition to Avalonian Mage world bosses. The new world bosses will spawn every five hours and are best fought with a group of 10-20 players. Here’s how they dole out season points:

·      Anglia and Glouvia: 80 Season Points

·      Cumbria and Siluria: 112 Season Points

·      Mercia: 144 Season Points

And here are the remaining reset days:

January 4

Territory Reset Day #3, Scores Doubled

January 11

Territory Reset Day #4, GvGs End

January 13

Territory Reset Day #5

January 15

Territory Reset Day #6

January 16

Territory Reset Day #7

January 17

Territory Reset Day #8

January 19

End-of-Season Event

January 20

Season Ends



Poorna Shankar