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TERA's Skywatch: New Heights Update Shakes Up the Game in Big Ways

Suzie Ford Posted:
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With the arrival of today's TERA update, Skywatch: New Heights, players will be able to experience a ton of new content as well as rise to a new level cap of 70. Players will find a number of heavily reworked systems in the game that change how players access dungeons. Additionally, the new Skill Advancement and Gear Fusion features have been added to provide players with more customization options than ever before.

Other features of today's update include:

  • the addition of "Field BAMs" that are "much larger cousins of BAMs players are familiar with" and that will spawn randomly throughout the game world
  • Skill Advancement "uses experience items earned from downing Field BAMs, Vanguard Requests and other sources to gradually improve a skill's performance". Upgraded skills can be swapped at will when out of combat to provide new combat options for players
  • Gear Fusion allows "players to combine two pieces of gear together, consuming one item and granting additional stats to the other"
  • several reworked dungeons that can be accessed using a weekly cache of Adventure Coins. Each difficulty level will require a different number of coins to access
  • 7-player variants of a number of dungeons
  • level 20-60 dungeons have been "rebalanced for 3 players of any class" and has had the holy trinity requirement removed

Learn more by visiting the TERA site.


Suzie Ford

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