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TERA’s Fists of Justice Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Popori Brawler and a new dungeon are here for TERA on console.

Popori brawlers are fuzzy fighters that let their fists do the talking. Starting today, players can level a popori brawler from the ground up or use a Race Change Voucher to change an existing brawler from human or elin to popori, according to the press release.

Players at level 65 players also have new content to check out thanks to the arrival of the new dungeon, Antaroth’s Abyss. Players will have to face off against guardians, traps, and devices all aimed at slowing progress on the way to take on Ghergof, Lalioth, and Antaroth.

Finally, players will now be able to change existing accessories into the new Abyssal items: The Abyssal Pendant, the Abyssal Earring, and the Abyssal Ring.


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