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TERA Will Shut Down on Thursday Morning After 10 Years

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It is almost time to say goodbye to TERA, as Gameforge has shared the shutdown time that will bring an end to the MMO’s decade-long run. The shutdown will happen on Thursday morning, at 10 AM CEST, which is 4 AM Eastern. 

Developer Bluehole decided to bring development on TERA to an end earlier this year, leading to a closure announcement. At the time, Gameforge said that they would have happily continues running the game, but because the developer had called time, shutdown plans would begin. 

The past couple of months have been filled with events and heavy discounts, bringing almost all of the game’s available items within easy reach. Players have been sharing their own memories of their time spent in the game, and Gameforge has also been sharing many of the community’s contributions. 

So now we’ve almost arrived at closing time, and Gameforge has a video, TERA: The Last Quest, and a message for the community:

“We would like to thank you one last time for being here with us, it has been a decade full of action, challenges, fun with friends and legendary battles, and we wish you all have some great memories to keep forever with you from TERA.

“You are the shield that defended Arborea. But now, sadly we must go our separate ways. Your courage, your strength of will… We will remember you always.”

MMOs come and go, but when one sticks around for a decade under active development, even making the jump to consoles a couple of years ago, it’s notable. 

For those who want to look back on the past several months post-closure experience, the hashtag #BestofTERA has been a space where players have been sharing some of their most memorable moments from their time in Arborea.

You can see the announcement over at TERA.


Christina Gonzalez

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