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TERA Week Recap

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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En Masse published updates for TERA this week, including boss spawn info, bonuses, and more.

From now until August 30, you can find the following world bosses roaming around:

  • Vergos—Harrowhold

  • Hellgrammite—Gossamer Vault (Hard)

  • Nightmare Darkan—Sky Crusier Endeavor (Hard)

  • Shandra Manaya—Dreadspire

  • Nightmare Imperator—Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)

  • Nightmare Lakan—Velik's Sactuary (Hard)

  • Nightmare Lachelith—Ruinous Manor (Hard)

  • Nightmare Antaroth—Antaroth's Abyss (Hard)

  • Nightmare Argog—Red Refuge (Hard)

  • Nightmare Krakatox—The Abscess (Hard)

These bosses spawn within a five hour timeframe, twice per day from 6a - 11a PDT, and 5p - 10p PDT. The boss roam and respawn zones are as follows:

  • Celestial Hills

  • Aurum Road

  • Balder's Refuge

  • Granarkus

  • Plain of the Damned

  • Seeliewood

  • Darkquaver Woods

  • Spring Valley

  • Frost Reach

Completing any Vanguard Request will net you increased Enhancement Point rewards from now until August 20 at 4a PDT. 

Beginning August 16 at 4a PDT through August 19 at 4a PDT, these dungeons will provided increased drops:

  • Gossamer Vault (Hard)

  • Demokron Factory (Hard)

  • Gossamer Vault

  • Grotto of Lost Souls

  • Red Refuge

  • Ghillieglade

If this is your first time in TERA, you’ll receive some in-game items including:

  • Fiery Blue Halo (30 Days)

  • Riding Skill: Tantor (30 Days)

  • Personal Crafter's Cure ×10

  • Haste Coin I (3 Hours) ×5

  • Superior Noctenium Elixir ×15

For full details, check out the post here.


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